Illinois Railway Museum

Pictures of the IRM Grounds

Photos by James Kolanowski.

This is the view from the middle of the parking lot looking East towards the Depot. You can see the Depot, Barn 3 and Barn 4 in the background. Spaulding Tower is just to the left off the picture.
Here we see ITC 1605, a GP-7, coming off the main line into station track 2. Station track 1 is on the left and station track 2 is on the right. Spaulding Tower is where the train dispatching is done.
This shot is looking East at the station area. The length of station track 2 is about 800 feet. The white building in the background is Barn 2, the Diesel Shop.
Here is Yard 2, and Barn 2 behind all the locomotives. The North Side of the building is also the Diesel Shop. The locomotives are as follows: 121 is a SW-7 by EMD, 1605 is a GP-7, 21 is a DT6-6-2000 built in 1948 by Baldwin Locomotive Works, and the sideless E-unit is an E-9 by EMD, number 33-C. Track 24 is storage for track equipment. This Barn is usually closed to the public.
Here is nice shot of the Depot built in 1851. This Depot was built at nearby Marengo, IL and moved to the museum in 1967.
One last picture of the Station area shows the Museum Gift Shop and Book Store in the cars to the left.
This is one of the several picnic areas around the museum. It is located between the station tracks and barn 3. If you bring your own lunch, it's a great place to watch trains departing and arriving from the station.
Standing between the museum stores and the depot, this is how it looks down Depot Street. The carbarns are numbered consecutively starting at Barn 3, Barn 4, Yard 5, Barn 6, Barn 7, Barn 8, and finally Barn 9. The East end of Barn 4 is also the Electric Car Shop, it is also closed to the public.
Along the North end of Barn 4 is a signal display, showing almost every type of signal used in railroading. In the same area to the north (to the left of the picture) are a few old signs from the North Shore Line.
Further along Depot Street you come up to Yard 5, where most of the diesels are stored. The big yellow beast, X-18, is a GE Turbine capable of 8500 HP. The road intersecting Depot Street between Yard 5 and Barn 6 is Central Ave. The front of Barn 7 is barely visible behind barn 6. Barn 8 is hidden behind Barn 7.
At the very end of Depot Street is Barn 9. The Nebraska Zephyr is stored in this barn on track 91, right behind 760. This is the biggest barn at the museum and houses the larger steam locomotives. A few of the locomotives in this barn are Milwaukee 265, a 4-8-4, Norfolk and Western 2050, a 2-8-8-2, and C & O 2707, a 2-8-4. The South Shore Little Joe 803 is also in this barn along with a GG1.
If you follow Central Avenue east, you would end up here at another picnic area. Here you can see all the main line trains go by as well as the trolley cars on the loop. There is also a trolley stop at this area.

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