Vintage Transport Extravaganza on August 6th.

27th Annual Vintage Transport Extravaganza
Sunday, August 6th, 2017

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On August 6th, 2017, the 27th Annual Vintage Transport Extravaganza will be held at the Illinois Railway Museum. The event brings together the "other" popular modes of transportation - cars, trucks, buses and more - on the campus of the nation's largest operating railway museum. It is one of the largest antique vehicle shows in the entire state of Ilinois and among the most popular events at the museum.

CTA 4391 and antique autos on display.
In addition to some 500 antique vehicles that will attend, the museum will be operating a variety of special equipment the day of the event. Frisco 2-10-0 1630 will be in operation, as will the "Nebraska Zephyr" and historic electric trains from the North Shore Line and Chicago Transit Authority. Streetcars including 1906 "Matchbox" 1374, "Green Hornet" 4391, and an open car from Veracruz, Mexico will carry passengers on the streetcar line.

Antique cars from Model T Fords all the way up to 1990s sports cars will be on display alongside historic buses, trucks, electric trolley buses, and military and other vehicles. The show is open to all vehicles 1997 and older. For more information on attending or bringing a vehicle to the event, call the museum office at 815-923-4391 or download the pdf of the registration form here.

Purchase your tickets for this event online now!

All schedules and equipment subject to change without notice.

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