Restoration Projects
Union Pacific M-35

The UP M-35 is undergoing a major restoration. Over the past several years, most of the work on the M-35 has been towards the mechanical end. The engine and electrical gear has been inspected and many items repaired or replaced. The air brakes have been rebuilt. Recently, attention has been directed towards the body and cosmetics. The roof has had its share of leaks and is being compeletly replaced. The interior restoration will soon follow.

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November 2001
The roof insulation and interior ceiling panels have been removed. The roof reconstruction will begin sometime this winter. Photo by James Kolanowski.
The paneling between the windows and ceiling has also been removed. Photo by James Kolanowski.
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February 2001
The canvas has been removed exposing the wood roof. Photo by Dan Mulvihill.
Here we see the roof has been stripped down to the carlines. Photo by Dan Mulvihill.

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