Restoration Projects

Steel on the front battery box has been replaced. Some steel above the air brake compartment just below the cab will be replaced next. Photo by James Kolanowski.
Before windows can be reinstalled, the frames must be rebuilt. Photo by James Kolanowski.
The bottom of the headlight is completely rusted out and must be replaced. Photo by James Kolanowski.
Milwaukee Road 5056

The MILW 5056 is currently getting some body work and a paint job. Most of the work to date has been sheetmetal work, bondo, and some primer. However, one mechanical item has been disassembling the fan gearboxes in the rear of the loco. Prior to being donated to IRM, the gear box siezed, which removed the unit from service.
The central air intake fan is being removed, as the center of the three gear boxes is suspected to be siezed. Photo by James Kolanowski.
Much of the work is time consuming as most of the rotted steel must cut out and replaced just like the bottom part of this cab window. Photo by James Kolanowski.

The air intake filter housing has been modified to accept a more common filter element. Photo by James Kolanowski.

The cab window frames have been rebuilt or replaced. Photo by James Kolanowski.
The lettering is starting to be painted on. The glass has yet to be installed. Photo by James Kolanowski.
Milwaukee Road 1603

Just like the 5056 above, the MILW 1603 is also getting a paint job. The maroon stripe, all of the orange and all of the gray has been painted, along with the black below the running boards. Once the glass is cut, the windows and window frames will be reinstalled. New foot boards have been installed. The numbering and lettering will be painted soon.
Here is the 1603 on the West Wye in September 2000. Photo by Greg Heier.
1603 in October 2001 with the orange, maroon, and gray mostly complete. Photo by Todd Jones.

November 2003

The gold numbers with black border have been painted on the engineers side cab. Photo by James Kolanowski, Nov 30, 2003.
The numbers have also been painted on the firemans side cab. We are still debating to keep the CMStP&P sign, or paint it on like it was. Photo by James Kolanowski, Nov 30, 2003.

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