Diesel DepartmentChicago, Burlington & Quincy

Milwaukee Road 33C, an EMD E9, is being restored in the Diesel Shop.
Photo by James Kolanowski.
Illinois Terminal Company 1605
Photo by Jim Jones.

About the Department

The Diesel Department of the Illinois Railway Museum is responsible for a fleet of over 45 locomotives, as well as the Nebraska Zephyr train set, the Chicago & North Western gallery cars, heavy electric locomotives, and other units. This responsibility includes locomotive inspections, maintenance and repair, preservation, and providing cab crews for revenue service on our demonstration railroad. The department is also known as the Internal Combustion Department, and includes gas-electric as well as diesel-electric equipment in our collection.

About These Pages

In these web pages, you will find information on current restoration projects and operating locomotives. Locomotive Technical Data is available for various pieces of equipment. The Diesel Shop News will keep you updated on our shop construction and activities. Read a brief overview of each diesel locomotive in our collection, find all the diesel related Rail & Wire articles, and much more.

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