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Passenger Car Department

Birmingham and silver cars in service for 2007 Museum showcase weekend.
Photo by Phil Stepek.

About the Department

The Railroad Coach Department [or Passenger Car Department] of the Illinois Railway Museum is responsible for the maintenance and restoration of 55 out of 70 cars currently listed on the Railroad Passenger and Baggage Cars roster. While restoration is ongoing, the main goal of the department at this time is to get all passenger cars indoors and out of the weather as soon as possible.

Facilities and Equipment

All tracks in Barn 3 house passenger cars. Several cars are open for public visitation while others have interior lights on to be viewed through the windows. Passenger Car Department volunteers share the Barn 4 workshop facility for piece work but large projects are completed inside the individual cars both inside and outside of Barn 3. Volunteers work closely with the Diesel Department to facilitate necessary moves.

Boston & Maine cafe car 1094 undergoing interior restoration.
Photo by Pauline Trabert.

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